Information Platform for Smart Water Affairs of the Guipanhai River System


Contents: the water environment resources along the basin shall be perceived, applied, analyzed and integrated through techniques such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data analysis, mobile internet and models, forming the Internet of Things for water within the basin. The business and management work within the basin is managed through more elaborated, dynamic and intelligent methods, to realize intelligent analysis and scientific decision-making on the work such as routine operation, early warning analysis of emergencies and intelligent dispatching of gate stations, so as to realize smart management and create an integrated smart management platform for smart water affairs and smart basin finally.



1A data center for water affairs is established along the basin, to provide detailed data supporting and guidance for governance and operation along the basin.

2An information contact center for water-related departments is established to increase response speed of emergency, improve the supervision and tracing efficiency and share contact information etc., so as to provide effective methods for information exchange, storage, summarizing and analysis among water-related departments.

3Convenient, mobile and intelligent supervision tools are provided for the supervision personnel through techniques such as models and mobile internet etc. to provide intelligent methods for operation and supervision along the basin, so as to improve the efficiency and to save the operation costs.