YX-ULM10 Ultrasonic Water Level Gauge

YX-ULM10 ultrasonic water level gauge adopts ultrasonic ranging technology, digital LCD display, MCU processing, and other technologies.

YX-PWM Pressure-type Level Meter

YX-PWM pressure-type level meter uses advanced microcontroller unit (MCU) technology, capacitive pressure sensor with high-precision imported ceramic.

YX-SFP Ultrasonic Pipe Flowmeter (Clamp ...

YX-SFP ultrasonic pipe flowmeter (clamp type) is suitable for measuring the flow rate and cumulative (flow rate) amount of city water, industrial and agricultural water, drainage water.

YX-TBRG Tipping-Bucket Rain Gauge

YX-TBRG tipping-bucket rain gauge is a measuring device used to measure rainfall in a certain area for a period of time.