Snow sweeper ZLJ5163TCXCAE5

ZLJ5163TCXCAE5 Snow sweeper is applicable to quick snow removing, ice removing and water removing operation for runway of airport.

Snow sweepers ZLJ5160TCXDFE5

Comprehensive performance and reliability of Zoomlion 16t snow sweepers is far above products of the same class in China.

Snow sweepers ZLJ5250TCXZZE5

Zoomlion 25t snow sweepers is capable of high speed shoveling, high speed sweeping, solid spreading, pre-wetting spreading and ice scraping.

Snow sweeper ZLJ5030TCXJXE5

ZLJ5030TCXJXE5 snow sweepers is built on brand-new Yuhu pickup truck of JMC equipped with imported snow shovel and spreader as well as rolling sweeping system if the customer requires.